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Part-time English Entertainment Editor

Imaginechina(东方IC)is seeking a talented entertainment editor with skills in a variety of areas, 
including writing, reporting, editing and idea generating.

The successful candidate will possess a strong interest and understanding of Asian entertainment 
and fashion trends. The editor must also be a team player accustomed to meeting deadlines, 
generating ideas, rallying staffers and working under pressure.

The job is part-time. Native English speakers are preferred.

Responsibilities of the position:
1. Conceiving, producing and editing cover stories and other celebrity features;
2. Planning daily features with editing team;
3. Communicating with clients providing daily feature recommendations;

Requirements of the position:
1. Interested in Entertainment and fashion industries; Having strong sensitivity of news and photos;
2. Team-player with strong responsibility and communication skills;
3. Media-related work experience and/or media-related majors preferred;
4. Part time schedule acceptable;
5. English native speaker preferred;
6. Decent salary with long term opportunities.

If you feel interesting on this job, please send your CV to
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